Farina Holding Srl  was born in mid-September 2019 to optimize the organizational asset of the Farina group which, through its subsidiaries, Farina Service S.r.l., F.MI. Srl and M.D.F. Motors S.r.l. has experienced a significant increase in working activity in recent years. The diversification of company skills led to the need for a coordination that could better identify the companies’ “souls”:

  • Farina Service S.r.l., founded in 1996 by the transformation of the historic family company, which deals with everything related to repairs and electromechanical assistance;
  • F.M.I. Farina Manutenzioni Industriali S.r.l., born in 2011 to provide any type of industrial and mechanical maintenance, carpentry and vulcanization;
  • M.D.F. Motors S.r.l., the most recent company of the group, established in 2018 to deal mainly with the sale of electric motors and electromechanical equipment.

Farina Holding aims to rationalize the financial, human and organizational resources already present in the same investee companies to provide consulting, assistance, training, research and development services. It deals with the provision of administrative, accounting, payroll, tax and financial services, and any activity related to its own business or that of the investee companies. The goal is, and remains, to continue to be a group aimed at being “glocal” (global thinking, local action), that means companies have to be both global and local, attentive to national development, but also to interaction with the local territory, at the center of which there has always been customer relationship.

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