M.D.F. Motors, Master Distributor Marelli Motori, was born from the spin-off of the business branch of electromechanical equipment business of Farina Service S.r.l..

Next to the historic Farina headquarters, in September 2018, the brand new M.D.F. Motors warehouse was completed which hosts, in via della Cooperation 16, the commercial offices with the related warehouse.

M.D.F. Motors has as its objective total customer satisfaction, providing an increasingly complete and professional service aimed, above all, at the distribution of industrial electric motors, both standard and ATEX.

In addition to these we deal with inverters, self-priming pumps, centrifugal pumps, circulators, reducers and all spare parts.

The strength of the commercial sector is the professionalism of the staff, which allows the search and the development of the most reliable and convenient solutions; the drafting of quotes, after-sales assistance and anything else necessary to meet customer requests.

Another qualifying note is the availability, in the warehouse, of the distributed material which is also delivered with its own means, thus allowing a prompt response to the various customer needs. The warehouse is in fact equipped with over 10,000 engines, all ready for delivery, up to 355 kw and of various types to meet all market demands.

Main products treated

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