Farina Maintenance Industrial is a company certified ISO 9001 – OHSAS 18001 and qualified according to UNI EN 1090.

The company is located in Alfonsine (RA), in Via della Cooperazione 1, near the State Road 16 “Adriatica” that connects Ravenna with Ferrara, where the carpentry and construction workshop is located.

FMI S.r.l. is a company of Luciano and Roberto Farina, founded in 2011 to support Farina Service Srl, an electromechanical company, which was founded in 1996.

The group has developed over the years, diversifying its activities and increasing its production.

From November 2016, in the “Bassette”, industrial area of Ravenna, Via B. Buozzi n. 46, a branch has been opened that acts as an operating center for building and maintenance sites activities and that occupies a 800 square meters area.

The activity is divided into several sectors: mechanics, construction of industrial and civil plants, the chemical, agri-food and bioenergetic sector.

The company is also specialized in the repair and vulcanization of conveyor belts, by means of internal technicians with top-level know-how.

With a view to the conversion of the group’s activities, at the workshop in Via Stroppata n. 78, one of the historical sites, mechanical repairs of metal boxes and preparation of joints of conveyor belts and rubber rollers are carried out.

The multi-specialist F.M.I. staff is the strong point, which allows a high level of versatility and competitiveness.

Each sector is coordinated by specialized technicians, always ready to respond to the different needs of customers with maintenance sites activities in the industrial sector, both with permanent and temporary construction sites.

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